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We focus on solutions for automated processing of documents and files. Our software for OCR, Data Capture, Input Management and Document Management can be fully integrated into other applications.






by concentrating on the essentials.


by specializing in office documents.


by a simple call from other applications.

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by waiving of volume based licenses.

Why norpaOCR?

More than text recognition

The norpaOCR is more than just text recognition.
With a single application you can additionally process PDF files and recognize all relevant Barcodes, even QR-Codes. All with just one integration.


The lightweight OCR software has a footprint of only a few hundred kilobytes. It provides fast results without time consuming initialization. A simple interface call is enough and the data is reliable provided to you.

Optimized for business

How does a typical business document look like?
The norpaOCR quickly and reliably recognizes usual fonts like Helvetica, Arial, Times, Courier and similar. It deliberately avoids recognizing extraordinary fonts like Gothic, Comic and comparable since these are typically not relevant for business documents. If necessary, you can also obtain detailed information per individual character.

Optimized for processing

The recognized data is returned as plain text, optional with layout retention. With this result, you can instantly fill a full-text index or filter out relevant pieces of information. With the SDK it is among other things possible to create a searchable PDF.

11 languages

norpaOCR currently supports these languages:
German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Spanish and Portuguese


For developers and all who want more.

The SDK for norpaOCR allows targeted retrieval of relevant pieces of information. With it applications for automated document processing can be implemented quickly and flexibly. Form data extraction, document classification, invoice processing are just a few of many possibilities.

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